Apocalypse Of Bob

by Anchor
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This book is downright funny. Picture The Office, now collide it with a cult based on the journal of a Michael Scott or Dwight Shroot type character, and you have your bearings for the content of this book. The Apocalypse of Bob made me laugh out loud at times, and while it gets off to a slow, murky, and mysterious start, it never stopped being fun. I think Brabham has done some really good work here. The book is always full of Good Times. The book is funny, edgy and dark at times, but always maintains a sort of comedic relief even during intense moments. It\'s a bit short for older readers who would perhaps like to see some elaboration on some of the avenues of theology that the book touches on but it will suit readers 12-20 really well. I\'m considering using it for a small group.