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\Apocalypse\ means revelation, unveiling, or appearing. The Book of Revelation is about Jesus, not about the antichrist. The Bible says these things will happen shortly, and the translation implies that they will happen quickly.

Yes, the antichrist will appear, and yes, the earth will go into great tribulation, but our focus must be on the quick work Jesus will do bringing an end to this evil and the fact that we shall finally see Jesus as He is.

Jesus was very clear about how to prepare for His second coming and the tribulation that would precede this event. The focus of this book is not on the evils and suffering of the tribulation, but on the only straightforward truth we need to know in order to overcome: the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In this fresh, scriptural look at Jesus\' return you will:
*Discover the spiritual history of the world.
*Understand how we have reached this place of darkness in world history.
*Find out how religion took such a hold on the minds of the entire world.
*Identify the spirit that is at work in the world and in the Church.
*Understand the workings of Mystery Babylon.
*Identify the apostate religion, the false christ, and the false prophet.
*Learn the only way to prepare for what lies ahead.

Unlike anything you have ever read about the return of Jesus. This book will end your confusion and fear, build your faith, and put on the mind of an overcomer!

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