Ant Mountain

by Insect Lore
A living ant habitat designed like a real ant's home! Watch as these hard-working critters burrow underground to create a network of subterranean tunnels, walkways and secret chambers. The unique cross-cut design features an oversized tunneling chamber for easy observation and a wide-base makes it virtually impossible to tip over. Escape-proof locking lid provides safety and protection. Includes Certificate to mail away for live ants (fee required for shipping), special sand for ant burrowing, ant fact and activity book, and instructions.

Key Features :

Hand-on science - watch and learn as ants work together to build networks of tunnels in their new home.Give your students the gift of nature with the Ant Mountain from Insect Lore.Living Ant Habitat is designed like a real ant's home, encouraing ants to tunnel and dig naturally in a familiar environmentYour students can be Myremecologits (a person who studies ants) with this realistic ant farm