Answering The Call

by Anchor
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A learned, respected, accomplished man leaves a life of worldly success to serve Christ among \ he least of these.\ Albert Schweitzer was a Renaissance man who basked in the utmost respect of the world\'s intelligentsia. Schweitzer had doctorates in philosophy, theology, and medicine. He was a well-respected author, a concert organist, and a world authority on Bach. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1952.But he left a life of acclaim to pursue the God-given call to treat all life as sacred, especially in those places on the fringe-in Africa. In what is now Gabon, indigenous people would see him daily with his stethoscope on a distended belly and hear him nighly performing classical music on his piano.In a time when many people feel small and inconsequential, Schweitzer\'s life is a testimony to the power of one person\'s amazing sacrifice, purpose, and the commitment to treat all of God\'s creations as sacred.