Answer For Oppression

by Anchor
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Dream Big Dreams for Gos!

God has spoken to every one of us at sometime in our life. He\'s given us dreams and visons of things to accomplish for Him.

If you\'ve placed your dreams on the shelf, Rev. Kenneth Hagin Jr.\'s slimline book, How To Make the Dream God Gave You Come True, will challenge you to pull them off the shelf, dust them off, and work toward fulfilling them!

In this exciting slimline book, discover for yourself:

* How to dream in line with God\'s Word and accomplish your dreams.
* How the Church\'s vision for the world is to be fulfilled.
* Why ministers must bypass religious attitudes and run the race that God has set before them.
* The pitfalls of comparing your accomplishments with the accomplishments of others.
* How to persevere through tests and trials to make your dreams become a reality!