Another Hannah

by Anchor
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...little Mari spotted a cup on the windowsill and reached for it. No one stopped her until she started coughing in great distress. What she thought was water was actually kerosene...Mother came running, picked up the now limp little girl, and took her outside where she pummelled her on the back, hoping desperately to bring life back to the seemingly lifeless child... So begins the story of Mari Klassen, a story of hopes, triumphs, and tragedies. A story that takes a reader from the staunch traditions and observances of the Old Colony Mennonite Church to the struggles of a married couple trying to have natural children. But above all, Mari\'s story is a story of faithfulness?God\'s faithfulness--woven through every circumstance, both good and bad. This is a story where God\'s love prevails and His miraculous works are the light that shines through even the darkest of times. About the Author: Mari (Derksen) Klassen grew up in a conservative Mennonite village in central Saskatchewan. At the age of fifteen her mother died unexpectedly, and this brought significant challenges and heartache. However, this also became the avenue through which God began to answer the prayers of her heart. Mari attended Steinbach Bible College, where she met and married Ruben Klassen. Married life came with many challenges of its own, including not being able to have natural children. Mari\'s perseverance and trust in her Father was rewarded by abundant blessing and answers to prayer.