Anne Bradstreet: Pilgrim And Poet

by Anchor
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If you\'re interested in the story of the early Puritans coming to America for religious freedom, you\'ll certainly enjoy this book. Anne Bradstreet (d. 1672) was on a ship in one of the first Puritan contingents who came to America around 1630. This book is her amazing story told by biographer Faith Cook.

Anne Bradstreet faced difficulties that most Christians today can scarcely imagine. She had to adjust to difficult pioneer living in the \New World\ and she faced frequent bouts of illness and loneliness, as well as periods of dark depression. She was constantly surrounded by death and learned about the terrors of death at a young age. The politics of the day were in turmoil (her husband was a politician of sorts) and the religious atmosphere was less than stable in the \New World.\ It wasn\'t an easy time to be a Christian! Furthermore, Bradstreet loved to write deeply Christian poetry and had to deal with the attitude of the day that women should not do such things.