Animal Craft Kits, Felt, Foam, Pom Pon, 12 Animals

by Creativity Street®
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Take a break from screen time with fun and easy Creativity Street® Animal Craft Kits! This all-in-one solution is the perfect DIY project for kids! The convenient kits include everything you need to create your very own adorable animals: pre-punched felt and felt shapes, stuffing, wiggle eyes, chenille stems, pom pons, ribbon, string, plastic needles, foam sticks, pre-cut foam shapes, whiskers, paper plates and pre-cut foam shapes. All you need is glue and scissors, and you can create your new best friend! This set includes the following 12 kits: Felt Sewing Schnauzer Kit, Felt Sewing Beagle Kit, Felt Sewing Cat Kit, Pom Pon Bee Plate Kit, Pom Pon Clownfish Plate Kit, Pom Pon Owl Plate Kit, Felt Sewing Monkey Kit, Felt Sewing Giraffe Kit, Felt Sewing Tiger Kit, Foam Stick Fox Kit, Foam Stick Elephant Kit, and Foam Stick Panda Kit. The included kits make a total of 12 animals. Please note, finished product dimensions will vary based on individual assembly. Estimated dimensions are as follows: • Felt Sewing Schnauzer: 4.25"W x 6.5"L (including string) x 1"H/D • Felt Sewing Beagle: 5"W x 5.5"L (including string) x 1"H/D • Felt Sewing Cat: 4"W x 10.25"L (including string) x 1"H/D • Pom Pon Bee: 9"W x 8.5"L (including string) x 1"H/D • Pom Pon Clownfish: 7.5"W x 8"L (including string) x 1"H/D • Pom Pon Owl: 7"W x 8"L (including string) x 1"H/D • Felt Sewing Monkey: 6.5"W x 10.5"L (including string) x 1"H/D • Felt Sewing Giraffe: 6"W x 11"L (including string) x 0.75"H/D • Felt Sewing Tiger: 4.25"W x 10.75"L (including string) x 0.75"H/D • Foam Stick Fox: 6.75"W x 11"L (including string) x 1"H/D • Foam Stick Elephant: 7.75"W x 11"L (including string) x 1.25"H/D (trunk) • Foam Stick Panda: 7"W x 11.25"L (including string) x 1"H/D (pom feet)