Angels Of The Bible

by Anchor
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Go on a faith filled adventure through 18 Old and New Testament stories to discover all about God’s special messengers. In Angels in the Bible, award-winning author Wendy Maartens answers curious minds with stories that teach kids about God’s angels, what they look like and what they do. On and Inside the blue hardcover you will find full color illustrations by artist Catherine Groenewald of our favorite Bible characters and the angels God sent to their aid to help accomplish His work. This book includes Bible stories about angels which begin with a theme Scripture verse and end with an encouraging word or a challenge as an application of the story. The Scripture quoted within is taken from the New Living Translation (NLT), unless otherwise indicated. This storybook would make a great birthday gift for a child you know who likes to ask big questions.

This children’s book is hardcover bound and embellished with illustrations by Catherine Groenewald. Her creative depictions of God’s angelic messengers and faithful people are also found throughout the pages inside in full color. The back of the book contains the special feature of instructions for how to make an angel pop-up card. This series of books also includes, Animals of the Bible and Children of the Bible.
Size: 6 1/2\ (W) x 8 1/8” (H)
Suitable for ages 5-8
70 Full Color Pages
Includes Pop-Up Card Instructions