Angels In The ER

by Anchor
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Twenty?five years in the ER could become a resume for despair, but for Dr. Robert D. Lesslie it?s a foundation for inspiring tales of angels who are friends, nurses, doctors, patients, strangers, or those unseen but clearly present ?others? in the midst of trial.

?The ER is a difficult and challenging place to be. Yet the same pressures and stresses that make this place so challenging also provide an opportunity to experience some of life?s greatest wonders and mysteries.? Dr. Lesslie illuminates messages of hope while sharing captivating stories about:

discovering lessons from the ER frontline
watching miracles unfold
witnessing the handiwork of angels
holding onto faith during tragedy and triumph
embracing the healing balm of hope
For anyone who enjoys stories of the miraculous, this gathering is a reminder that hope turns emergencies into opportunities and each trial into a demonstration of God\'s grace.