Angelic Encounters Today Study Guide

by Anchor
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This Angelic Encounters Study Guide is part of the Chamber of Revelation Series: Equipping a Prophetic Army and complements James W. and Michal Ann Goll\'s book Angelic Encounters. Did you know that you typically have a lot more angelic company than you realize? Your prayers release God’s power and God often sends angels to bring His powerful response. Angels were at work throughout the Old and New Testaments and they are still at work today! James and Michal Ann use Scripture, church history, testimonies, and personal experience to: describe the different categories of angels, explain angels’ ministry as God\'s agents to the world, demonstrate how intercession and angelic ministry are related, and show you how to perceive and engage angels in your own life. This study guide is great for individual study in your own home, with a small group, or in a classroom setting. It also serves as part of the core curriculum for a course by the same title in our God Encounters Training – eSchool of the Heart (visit for more info). At the end of each detailed lesson are simple questions for your reflection and review.