And Then, The Train Wrecked

by Anchor
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The train that was the happy life of Ronnie and Merry was derailed by Merry?s rapid, unexpected death from pancreatic cancer. This nonfiction book chronicles Ronnie?s grief and thoughts on life and God during the days leading up to her death and during the year that followed. It captures the raw emotion of a man as he seeks to understand and to cope with the loss of his wife. It follows one rule in its telling: to be honest from the start. That honesty and raw emotion comes through in every paragraph and makes this a very personal, well told story.?Anyone that has known the loss of a loved one can relate to this story, and hopefully, be helped by knowing that it is a path well traveled. They are not alone and are not the first to travel to wherever, whenever.?The ?life? we plan is seldom the ?Life? we end up with. In the end, it comes down to faith and trust in God. That trust gives us the ability to walk through the wreckage of our broken plans, our broken lives and onto the path that God intends for us to follow. Join Ronnie on his journey toward that path.