Anatomy Of An Affair

by Anchor
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When it comes to adultery, never say neverJust when you think your marriage is safe from adultery is when you may be the most vulnerable. With eye-opening stories, clinical insights, and up-to-date data, Dave Carder reveals what adulterers learned the hard way—and what they want the rest of us to know, such as: How attractions can lead to affairsWays you may be vulnerable to affairsThe common ingredients of adulteryHow to restore intimacy to your marriageHow to make wise, protective decisionsMarriage is too sacred to be taken casually. Affairs are a very real threat, and they can destroy lives and families. For this reason, Affairs, Attractions, and Addictions should be on every church leader’s and marriage counselor’s required reading list, and in the home of every married couple. Includes charts and assessments to understand and guard against affairs.