Analytical Red Letter Chronology of the Life of Christ

by Anchor
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This study is for the student who wishes an uncluttered reference source, one free of distracting and often erroneous remarks, comments, personal judgments, etc.; one in which the footnotes lack faith ravaging references to supposed \scribal errors\, \emendations\, \ estorations\, \corrections\, etc., in the Text or a supposed Synoptic problem (see Appendix A).

Toward that end, a \standard\ harmony of the Gospels has been constructed which will address this subject in a Scriptural and scholarly, yet easy to understand, manner. To obtain optimal direct comparison capability, the computer word processor has been fully utilized so that key words in a given Gospel narrative may be placed alongside the same wording in the other Gospel accounts (a feature which was impractical heretofore). The computer also facilitated the inclusion of red lettering for the words of Christ. For these reasons, this \analytical\ harmony will prove advantageous as a study aid over previous works such as Kerr\'s (1903) and Robertson\'s (1922), long held as standard references in the field.