An Unexpected Hero (Mar 2019)

by Anchor
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Have Faith That God Will Help You Do Great Things Rahab is an adventurous young girl who enjoys playing with her siblings in the big, bustling city of Jericho. As she grows up, she makes a lot of bad choices, then desperately wants to change her life. Does God have a special plan for Rahab? When two Israelite spies come to Rahab\'\'s door, she bravely offers them a place to hide. Then God gives her a great idea to help them escape and the spies agree to protect Rahab and her family once Israel takes over Jericho. And when that day finally comes, God keeps His promise to Rahab because of her faithfulness and courage, even making her a great-great-great-great-great-grandmother to Jesus. With God\'\'s help, you can be just like Rahab—called and courageous. ***Called and Courageous Girls - Bible Heroes That Inspire Your Child\'\'s Faith in God Called and courageous girls are disciples, political and spiritual leaders, philanthropists, moms, businesspeople, evangelists, prophets, and so much more. Called and courageous women of the Bible face overwhelming odds, finding strength, faith, and courage to join God\'\'s Story. Through examples of steadfast faith and—ultimately—God\'\'s direction, the Called and Courageous Girls series invites your children to answer God\'\'s calling to discover and use their talents, passions, and gifts to journey with Him on a lifelong adventure. God is calling every courageous hero—including your child— to arise, trust in Him, and join the Greatest Story.