An Overview Of God's End-Time Plan

by Anchor
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The return of Jesus is the climax of human history and the great hope of the Church.The generation in which He returns will be more dramatic than any other described in Scripture. Jesus has given the Church essential information to strengthen and preserve her through this season of unprecedented trouble and great glory. In this hour, the Lord is preparing a people who are familiar with the signs of His coming. They will prepare the way for His return by declaring in advance what He is about to do. More than just relaying information, they will impart love for Jesus and confidencein His leadership as they explain the wisdom of His end-time plan to others. In this study manual, Wes Hall provides a biblical overview of the end times and explains why it is important for believers to study and understand this subject. From Jesus and the apostles we know that it is not only possible, but necessary, to recognizethe generation of the Lord’s return. In light of this, it is important to grasp the significance and relevance of the end-time scriptures to our lives today. When the fullness of sin and the fullness of Satan’s rage are seen on the earth, it will be the Church’s most fruitful hour of good works and devotion to Jesus.