American Cornerstones: History's Insights On Today's Issues - Federal Government

by Anchor
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American Cornerstones: History\'s Insights on Today\'s Issues is masterfully written to help readers quickly gain wisdom and understanding of today\'s issues by revealing our history in such a way that it is compelling, to the point and actionable. By appreciating and applying the wisdom of history, we better understand today and, more importantly, are empowered to make more accurate assumptions about tomorrow.

Today, our Nation\'s leaders operate within an existing framework. They seek to make their mark during their time of service, but they do so within well-established boundaries; boundaries that were set at the time of our nation\'s inception. But what of those who took office before the time of precedent? Who schooled Washington on protocol before his first inaugural or his first State of the Union address? Who explained the role of Secretary of State to Thomas Jefferson or Secretary of the Treasury to Alexander Hamilton?

So much of the discussion today centers on the proper role and scope of our federal government. What individual rights do Americans possess? Where do these rights start and stop? What about states\' rights as they relate to the authority of the federal government? As with all trips worth taking, it is always best to start at the beginning and so the book heads far back in our history to the genesis of the issue. The journey starts with our first president, George Washington. Many of the decisions that were made about the role of the Federal Government were made during his time, and set the tone for our republic from then, until now.