Ambushed By The Ambassador Of Ignorance/Wiping Out The Whiner Brothers Flip-Over Book

by Anchor
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What\'s better than a new Bibleman adventure? Two new Bibleman adventures! When you open this Bibleman Flip-Over book, you\'ll find two exciting stories and learn two lessons from God\'s Word! Read about how the Bibleteam uses wisdom to defeat the villain in Ambushed by the Ambassador of Ignorance. Then flip the book over to see them use thankfulness to take on another set of villains in Wiping Out the Whiner Brothers. 1. Ambushed by the Ambassador of Ignorance (An Adventure in Wisdom) Some kids from Life Church unwisely posted videos of themselves pranking an elderly lady at the mall. Bibleman must find the mysterious \Iggy\ person behind this mischief. Bible story: Wise Man/Foolish Man Parable. Key verse: Proverbs 1:222. Wiping Out the Whiner Brothers (An Adventure with Thankfulness) Junior and Biggie Whiner complain about everything. Except money. They just LOVE money, and they have hatched a plan to get rich by uncovering a secret treasure: the location of the Bibleteam headquarters. Oh no?they\'re using a newly-adopted boy from Africa to lead them there. Bible story: Jesus Heals Ten Lepers. Key verse: 1 Thessalonians 5:18