Amazed By Jesus (Oct)

by Anchor
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A beautiful and vital exploration of the person and work of Jesus at a time when the church has lost sight of its first loveInspired by over seventy sermons preached by Simon Ponsonby, Amazed by Jesus follows the life of Jesus from the crib to the cross, meditating on the resurrection, the promise that He will come again, and what this person and His life mean for us today. Emphasizing both the humanity and divinity of Jesus, Ponsonby showcases what is so amazing about Jesus, helping readers to renew their awe and wonder again.Marshalling the multifaceted names and descriptions of Jesus in Scripture-the King of the Jews, the Good Shepherd, the Lamb of God, the Living Water, the Bridegroom, and many more-this book reveals the one who is God come to us, to be God with us, to show God for us.Following Amazing, Ponsonby\'\'s poem penned in love as he rediscovered just how amazing Jesus is, Amazed by Jesus helps restore our vision of Jesus and expand it, so we can know Him better and see Him as He is. Jesus changed and is changing everything. This is a clarion call from Ponsonby to the church to return to our first love, to go deeper and truly experience the living water--a discovery that will impact the whole world.