Almost Christian

by Anchor
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Dean (The Godbearing Life), a professor at Princeton Theological Seminary, opens this absorbing portrait of teenage religiosity by throwing down a gauntlet: the faith of America\'s teens is \ ot durable enough to survive long after they graduate from high school. One more thing: we\'re responsible.\ Dean, who worked on the National Study of Youth and Religion with sociologist Christian Smith, says that American Christians\' emphasis on \a do-good, feel-good spirituality\ at the expense of deep discipleship may cost them the rising generation, which is (with the exception of Mormon teens, the subject of an admiring chapter-long case study) largely apathetic about Christian faith. How, then, can religious leaders and teachers inculcate what Dean calls a \consequential faith\--i.e., one that bears fruit for the long haul? She identifies four factors teens need: a personal encounter with God, a strong church or youth group, a sense of being called to duty, and hope for the future. In a refreshingly personal final chapter, Dean outlines her frustration at the daunting task ahead but emphasizes the possibilities if the Christian church decides to take up its cross and follow Jesus.