Almost Amish

by Anchor
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\Cushman crafts strong characters that are
easy to connect with.\--Romantic Times

Julie Charlton is at the breaking point. She\'s overwhelmed and burned out,
and in today\'s unrelenting society, her kids are, too. When her sister-in-law
Susan, a Martha Stewart-in-training, lands the chance to participate in a reality
TV series promoting simple living, and needs another family to join her, it seems
like the perfect opportunity.

The location is an idyllic farm outside an Amish community in Tennessee. Julie, with her two children, joins Susan and her teenage daughter for a summer adventure. Susan needs to succeed in order to become self-sufficient after an ugly divorce, Julie needs to slow down long enough to remember what
her priorities are and regain a sense of purpose and meaning. It becomes
clear from the start that \living simple\ is no simple matter. With the camera watching every move, Susan\'s drive for perfection feels a lot like what they
left behind, while Julie suddenly finds herself needing to stand up for slowing down. With each new challenge, their season of \going Amish\ gets more and more complicated, as each woman learns unexpected lessons about herself
and her family.