All The 2s Of The Bible

by Anchor
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The Double Truths of Scripture

In the day of prosperity be joyful, but in the day of adversity consider: surely God has appointed the one as well as the other.
—Ecclesiastes 7:14

In All the 2s of the Bible, scholar Herbert Lockyer conducts a fascinating study of the ways in which the writers of Scripture combined both contradictory and complimentary concepts in communicating biblical truth, often in the same verse. Too often, one of these double truths is dealt with to the exclusion of the other. But both sides deserve equal attention if we are to understand the truths contained in God\'s Word in concepts such as...

  • The lion and the lamb

  • Life and death

  • Loss and gain

  • Light and darkness

  • Triumphs and tears

  • Beauty for ashes

  • Losing and finding

  • Grace and truth

  • Peace and swords

  • Israel and the church

As Lockyer states, \As we are to prove in the examples of the twin truths we have chosen, often when found lying together in the bed of one verse, the one truth warms and supports the other; if the one seems to fall in our understanding, the other is there to lift it up and help it.\

All the 2s of the Bible is a great resource for pastors, youth and group leaders, Sunday school instructors, or any believer who desires to delve deeper into God\'s Word.