Aging Out Loud

by Anchor
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The Account of a Widow:

-Doomed by Aging
-Lured by Online Dating
-Spared by Thinking Out Loud

\Aging Out Loud\ explodes with shock, despair, and laughter from a 70-something widow offering the reader a peek into her brain during an online dating spree. Online dating was the writer\'s \comeback kid\ effort that went south. If you feel past your prime, you will gain fire in the belly from this book to rise again and rule over feeling irrelevant. The interwoven life stories relate to trials most seniors face. Despite feeling cast aside and marginalized, the writer claims that \We have not done our best work, yet!\ The book compels the reader to keep fighting to stay viable until the last person of the age 65+ generation leaves the life stage that they own. Golden agers are nudged to finish their dreams and use their talents in ways that were not available until now leaving a \He who serves is greatest of all\ legacy. Taylor is not finished and will not step down claiming that \Seniors Rule\ and must stand their ground as the most important fiber of the nation.