After The Rain

by Anchor
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This is a story of overcoming in the presence of life’s obstructions.

Sometimes in life we see the storm clouds of trouble moving overhead, so we run for shelter. Other times, we’re caught completely off guard. Either way, we know that eventually those storms will pass.

In every stage of my life, I have seen God’s hand of mercy and grace guiding not only my life, but the lives of those around me. This book is a collection of memories and experiences gathered from the various stages of my life in Jamaica before I immigrated to Canada. They journey through innocence, kindness, ignorance, and learning with a good mix of humour, laughter, fear, and disgust thrown in—and all told with a Caribbean flare!

My prayer is that these stories will encourage others to face their “storms” with faith and trust in God, knowing that after the rain passes, He will still be there.