After God's Own Heart

by Anchor
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David had a front row seat into the happiness in God\'s heart ... and so can you. Imagine what it would be like to be singled out and given an awesome, almost unfathomable compliment, just like David.

You can become a student of God\'s emotions and learn how godly commitment and obedience help you form a mature love. God is a God of gladness and infinite joy, but He still gets angry at rebellion. Thankfully, He recognizes the difference between rebellion and immaturity.

Experiencing God is not an option! It is time for you to develop a heart that is anchored and sustained by an outrageous love that comes only from Him. Experience a transition that gives you a new passion, resulting in the fulfillment of God\'s promises. That is just the beginning. Invest time in understanding the happiness found in God\'s heart for you, and your own heart will experience a glorious awakening.