After An Affair (31-Day Devotionals For Life)

by Anchor
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If you are holding this book, you are probably going through one of the roughest experiences of your life. You have fallen—have been unfaithful—and you want help . . . but knowing where to turn is complicated and confusing. You feel both guilty and frustrated—your family and friends are distant, and God alone is left (and you’re not sure how happy he is with you either). Yet God is a gracious, loving healer who makes upside-down things rightside-up again . . . even this. Professional counselor Michael Gembola provides daily guidance and encouragement to direct what feels like a long walk through the wilderness toward lasting change. He offers reflection questions, plus suggestions for practical tasks and actions, so you can form new qualities and habits as you move forward. Here is help and encouragement for you to move toward God in repentance while moving closer toward your spouse in reconciliation.