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Advancing the Gospel is the calling for all followers of Christ. But to many, it?s more of a lofty concept than a day-to-day reality. In this five-part series, Mike Treneer uses Paul?s letter to the Colossians to show us what it means to advance the Gospel today.Session 1: The Power of the Gospel SeedSession 2: How the Gospel Takes RootSession 3: What Impedes the Gospel?s GrowthSession 4: Take Time to Tend the GardenSession 5: Partnering to Sow Gospel SeedsThe rapid expansion of the Gospel throughout Colosse proves what?s possible when the life-changing message of the Gospel spills out of a group of committed believers. It?s happening today, just as it happened then.This Study Guide accompanies the DVD, available separately (ISBN 9780972902342, which includes both a DVD and a copy of this Study Guide). Purchase multiple copies of this Study Guide for your entire group.