Adulting 101

by Anchor
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Today’s students are hammered with high expectations for their academic studies. Basic life skills are mostly not taught in classrooms, so graduates are on their own to figure out how to live successfully in the everyday world. Without any guidance, where do you start? Adulting 101 is a clever, compelling, and relevant manual that will show you how to:Choose your boss, get a job (or at least not lose one) and deal with co-workersBuy insurance and understand exactly what you needBegin saving and investing your moneyBuy a carSet goals, prioritize, and get work doneWrite a professional emailNavigate sex, dating, and relationships (but not in that order)Manage your time effectivelyMeasure success as God sees itAnd much more! This book will give you everything you need to succeed and to make a real impact. It’s a manual of how to change the world, and be the person you were meant to be.