Accent/Bible-In-Life/Echoes/Scripture Press Spring 2018: Adult Power For Living (Take-Home)

by Anchor
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Have you read any good stories latelyùstories, for example, about God\'s power to transform earthly lives through His Word? Power for Living, SP\'s weekly take-home paper for adults, impacts hundreds of thousands each week with stories about real people athletes, retirees, college professors, doctors, stay-at-home moms, and many others that clearly underscore how biblical truths relate to everyday living. In all of its content, Power for Living equips readers to more effectively respond to three biblical responsibilities:

Evangelism: PFL presents the Gospel through stories that powerfully recite the conversion experiences of Christians who come from diverse life circumstances and social backgrounds.
Exposition: PFL presents biblical teaching about important life-issues through stories that compellingly encourage Christians to live their faith in thorough accordance with God\'s expectations.
Edification: PFL presents the stories of Christians who creatively express their devotion to Christ in ways that may help readers freshen their own spiritual walks.

Power for Living\'s topical variety and consistent spiritual focus ideally suit it for readers who crave spiritual refreshment in a format that can be passed along to others, whether Christians or non-Christians. This invaluable, affordable resource promises to enrich your life and the lives of your acquaintances in more ways than expected.