Abide With Me

by New Leaf Press
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Combining internationally acclaimed Paul Seawright's breathtaking photographs and John Parker's descriptive text, Abide with Me is a uniquely beautiful presentation perfect as a treasured gift or beloved favorite in your personal library. It presents a gorgeous pictorial journey through England and Wales to sites associated with such respected and world-famous composers as Isaac Watts, Charles Wesley, John Newton, and many others. The book displays brilliant photographs of the places, settings, and landscapes which inspired them to compose their famous hymns. The book also provides fresh written accounts of the composers and their stories. In the English-speaking world, one body of poetry and music has been voiced and loved during the past three hundred years by more people than any other: British hymns. Every week during those centuries, worshippers in churches throughout Britain, Europe, and America-without stop, interruption, or abatement-have read and sung such verse as Rock of Ages, Amazing Grace, and Abide with Me, their numbers far exceeding the readers of the poems of even Shakespeare, Milton, Frost, or Longfellow, or the songs of top music stars which for a short time appear brilliantly and then fade from memory quickly. These have become staples of our culture.