ABC Sunday School: Adult Teacher Kit (Y2/Q2)

by Anchor
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Answers Bible Curriculum (ABC) is an integrated and unified curriculum for all ages from preschool to adult from Answers in Genesis. The entire family studies the same main Scriptures and Bible points in the three year chronological program. It emphasizes equipping believers to defend their faith and stemming the skeptical disbelief children encounter in grade school. Answers Bible Curriculum supports creationism and uses the New King James Version (NKJV) Bible translation. Students will understand the Bible is a comprehensive history of God\'s relationship to people throughout time for the purpose of human redemption. This is taught through the 7 C\'s of History: Creation of the world, Corruption through sin, Catastrophe of Noah\'s flood, Confusion at the Tower of Babel, Christ coming & dying on the Cross, and looking forward to the Consummation of all things.

Each Teacher Kit includes:
•1 Teacher Guide
•1 set of Take Home Sheets (PreK - Grade 6) or 1 Student Guide (Junior High - Adult)
•Colorful Posters
•a Resource DVD-ROM