A Time To Bloom (Leah's Garden #2)-Softcover

by Anchor
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The Nielsen sisters have accomplished much in the past year, traveling west and settling in Nebraska. They are on their way to rebuilding their mother\'s garden, and their excitement only grows when they receive a letter from their brother Anders saying he\'s coming to visit with a friend from the war. However, none of that can mask their concern that they are quickly running out of money. Del\'s work teaching in town offers hope, not only to support her sisters but also to better her students\' lives. Not all see it that way, though, with the town lagging on rebuilding the schoolhouse and her brightest student\'s father demanding he work the farm instead of learn. An invasion of grasshoppers only makes things worse.

When Anders arrives with his war-wounded friend RJ, he sees the strength of the sisters\' idea to start a boardinghouse with the train coming to town. He invests in it and suggests RJ build it. Del finds RJ barely polite and wants nothing to do with him. But despite Del and her sisters\' best-laid plans, the future--and RJ--might surprise them all.