A Brand New Horizon

by Anchor
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What happens when you have nowhere to go from rock bottom, when hope is just another four-letter word? How does life?s spiral turn into a place of victory?In \'A Brand-New Horizon\', Cheryl B. Edwards will navigate you from high mountains of victory to deep caves of desperation. Her journey includes a seventeen-year career competing for Canada at international track-and-field events, culminating in a world-shattering nervous breakdown. That sudden mental collapse led her into a relentless twenty-year battle with mental illness.In this book, Cheryl writes openly about how God redeemed her from the bondage of fear and unspeakable depths of darkness to bring her into His marvellous light. Her desire in sharing her story is to give an account of her personal experience of hope in Jesus. This is a personal testament to the hope she has received through God?s grace.