A Biblical Guide To Love, Sex And Marriage

by Anchor
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\'Isn\'t it strange that the church has so often been so coy about sex and sexuality! We cannot understand our humanity without them. It’s perhaps even stranger because the Bible is anything but coy when speaking of these things. Indeed the Bible picks up this profound and intimate thread in our self-understanding to lead us into a richer, deeper understanding of God and of how we relate to him in Christ. Song of Songs is the most glorious expression of this theme in Scripture. It is quite simply the greatest love poem ever written: expressing simultaneously and exquisitely the joy of human intimacy and the even deeper joy of the intimacy of our communion with God in Christ. The ecstasies of the one are in God’s grand design inextricably bound up with the ecstasies of the other and that’s what makes the Song so precious for every generation. Derek and Rosemary Thomas have done the Bride of Christ a great service in opening up the poetry of this book with spiritually-minded, yet practical warmth. It will not only bless its readers as it strikes a chord deep within the soul, but more than that, it will honour the God who has chosen to make himself known through this great poem.\' - Mark G. Johnston, Grove Chapel, Camberwell