7 Continents Australia And Oceania

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Develop geography literacy while learning about the unique characteristics of Australia and Oceania! The 7 Continents: Australia and Oceania helps students learn about Australia and Oceania through engaging reading and writing activities.Five geography units cover the following standards-based topics:Section 1: Australia and Oceania in the WorldIntroduces students to the location of Australia and Oceania in the world.Australia and Oceania's Relative LocationAustralia and Oceania's HemispheresAustralia and Oceania's Absolute LocationUsing a Projection MapSection 2: Political Divisions of Australia and OceaniaIntroduces students to the four regions and 14 countries of Australia and Oceania.Population of Australia and OceaniaCountries of Australia and OceaniaLargest Countries by AreaSmallest Countries by AreaLargest Countries by PopulationDependent TerritoriesAustraliaMelanesiaMicronesiaPolynesiaCapital CitiesSection 3: Physical Features of Australia and OceaniaStudents learn about the landforms and bodies of water of Australia and Oceania.Landscape of Australia and OceaniaDeserts of AustraliaAyers RockThe Great Barrier ReefIslands of OceaniaMountain RangesRainforestsBodies of WaterNew Zealand's FjordsAustralia's LakesAustralia's RiversSection 4: Valuable Resources of Australia and OceaniaStudents learn about the various natural resources of Australia and Oceania.Coal in AustraliaHydroelectricity in New ZealandMining Metals and MineralsAgriculture in AustraliaSheep FarmingFishing in OceaniaOceania TourismUnique WildlifeSection 5: Australia and Oceanian CultureIntroduces students to the beliefs and traditions of the people of Australia and Oceania.Tourist AttractionsArts and EntertainmentMajor ReligionsNative CulturesCuisineCelebrations