60 Ways To Keep Your Brain Sharp

by Anchor
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Protect and Preserve Your Most Valuable Asset No matter your age, the way your brain works is of utmost importance to the quality of your life. It is the essence of who God made you to be and affects how you interpret the world around you. Discover new ways to enhance your brain’s function by focusing on these four areas:Physical activity—getting regular exercise to help promote mental fitnessNutrition—understanding the importance of a healthy diet on cognitive performanceIntellectually stimulating activities—keeping your mind flexed and nimbleSocial and spiritual connections—staying engaged with God and others As you apply the wisdom found in this helpful guide, you’ll be ensuring improved mental acuity now and in the future, placing you on the path to a happier, more fulfilling life. Start sharpening your skills today and experience the amazing benefits of better brain health.