(6 Ea) Addition & Subtraction Gr 1 Skills For School

by Carson Dellosa
Addition & Subtraction features 64 pages of easy-to-follow activities and practice that engage children's skills in addition and subtraction—specifically adding with numbers 0 to 10, subtracting with numbers within 20, and adding and subtracting within 100 using multiples of 10. The Skills for School series makes learning simple with colorful illustrations and step-by-step directions. Each book focuses on different early learning skills, allowing you to choose the book that best fits your child's areas of improvement. The practice pages include fun activities that help build your child's confidence in the subject matter and school. Each book also includes fun stickers that are great for motivating and rewarding your child. Pack of 6 identical books.

Key Features :

Helps children master essential beginning math skillsFeatures activities that cover addition with numbers 0 to 10, subtraction with numbers 0 to 20, and multiples of 10 mathHelps students develop critical thinking skillsBright illustrations make make activities fun and engaging