50 Most Important Theological Terms (Sep)

by Anchor
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Some people make theology complicated. Here\'s what you need to know.Theology can be intimidating, full of big words and lofty ideas. Yet theological terms aren\'t just for academicians. These powerful words belong to you, too!David Finkbeiner and Brian Tucker offer helpful explanations of terms from Bible doctrine that you\'ve heard of but aren\'t sure what they mean. Beyond mere explanations, the authors help you understand why these terms matter, not just for classroom textbooks but for the book of real life. You\'ll learn about questions like:How is Jesus fully God and fully human at the same time?By what means was sin passed to everyone from Adam?Is repentance from sin part of saving faith?Despite what you\'ve heard, theology actually is relevant. Don\'t miss out on the meanings of theological terms. Get the answers from experts and let your confusion turn to understanding.