50 Mindfulness Activities

by Junior Learning
Children and parents can often experience daily stresses and pressures which can be difficult to manage and express. This set of 50 Mindfulness Activity Cards uses fun and engaging games and activities to help children to become more focused, manage more difficult emotions and practice a more caring and compassionate attitude. The activity cards are divided into 4 groups and follow an easy step-by-step instruction guide. They are designed to be used on a regular basis, either alone, with a parent or in a group. Contains a set of 50 activity cards and a contents card that can be used as a check off list. Ages 3+

Key Features :

Teaches children focus and breathing skills, how to respond calmly, gratitude, passion and kindnessContains a contents card which can act as a check off listEach activity card is double-sided with a colorful image on one side to engage and inspire children how to carry out each activityThe Activity cards are divided into 4 groups so that the child may easily choose what mindfulness activity at any moment. For example, when they feel angry they can select a card from the mindfulness breathing category.