40 Breakthrough Declarations (January 2022)

by Anchor
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Powerful prayers and declarations that supernaturally redeem your past and miraculously prepare your future.

In his bestselling book Redeeming Your Timeline, pastor and author, Troy Brewer showed you the radical transformation that is possible when you invite God into your personal history and timeline.

Now, in 40 Breakthrough Declarations​, Troy equips you with practical tools to reverse the plans of the enemy, release Heaven’s healing power, and exchange the pain of your past for a glorious future filled with hope and purpose!

This powerful book features compelling devotionals and specific declarations to…
  • Identify and break strongholds that hinder personal progress
  • Speak words that dismantle the enemy’s lies
  • Experience divine reversals of hurt, shame, and pain as you apply Jesus’ redemption to your past, present and future
  • Prophesy hope and healing to places of trauma
The Lord wants to bring redemption into every situation in your life, and He wants to partner with you to do it. Learn to speak the words that release His power over your timeline!