365 Ways to Know God

by Anchor
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365 Ways to Know God provides one devotional reading for each day of the year, including a key verse, devotional message, prayer, Scripture references for further study, and a key thought.As you read and pray through each devotional, exploring a different name of God each day, you will learn more about God\'s character. You will begin to know Him more intimately and live closer to Him than ever before.When you choose to go deeper and study the suggested Bible reading, you will develop even more understanding of the name of God assigned for that day.Get ready to be transformed through this devotional study as you draw near to God.\'The Bible has more than a thousand names, titles and metaphors for God. Why does God have so many names? For the same reason we do. Each name and title represents a different position, function or characteristic. For instance, I am called husband, father, grandfather, dean, faculty, golfer, author, Sunday school teacher and so on. The more you are and do, the more names and titles you have. Since God is greater than anyone in the universe, wouldn\'t you expect Him to have the most titles and names?\' - Elmer Towns?Elmer Towns knows a lot about the names of God. He has lectured on the names of each of the three Persons of the Godhead and has written three best-selling books on them?to give us information on God?s names and to help us understand the nature of God from His names. Many people have used these books in their Bible studies or Sunday school classes. Now, in this devotional, Dr. Towns writes to our hearts so that we can feel and apply God to our everyday living,? says author Tim LaHaye in the book?s Foreward. ?Through the names of God, we can touch God each day in a new and different way; but most important, God can touch us daily.?