21 Day Worry Free Fast, The

by Anchor
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Could you use more peace in your life?Would you like to learn to live fearlessly? Do you find yourself going to sleep and waking up dominated by the same concerns? If worry were eliminated from your thoughts, what brave dreams would you attempt? If you\'d like to take your thought-life back, join this proven 21 Day Worry Free Fast that has swept the globe. This is not a food fast but a worry free fast that will bring peace and well-being to your life. Join the freedom movement today!\'As I marched around my kitchen proclaiming, \'God, You are bigger than my worries!\' It hit me: He really is! He\'s bigger than financial woes, relational issues, physical pain, or even my poor attitude. This wonderful 21-day plan to swap worry for peace was just what I needed to remind me of that.\' -Janice Thompson, Christian Author, Spring, TX.\'Before going through the 21 day worry free fast, I didn\'t think I was a worrier. After going through it, praying and studying, I realized there were some areas I needed God\'s Word and guidance of the Holy Spirit to become worry free. Thank you, Ava, for sharing the tools that God gave you to help us through our struggles.\' -Dennis G., Conroe, TX\'With this book, Ava Bates has given us a powerful handbook for breaking free of the stronghold of worry so prevalent in Christian lives today. Through practical teaching, sound biblical practices, and a passion for Christ, Ava equips the reader to progress each day through a 21-day worry-free fast and on to a worry-free life.\' -Ann Wilds, Christian life coach and author, The Woodlands, TX