12Pk Year Seasonal Calendar Days

by EDResources
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Celebrate each month of the year with this pack of seasonal Calendar Days featuring seasonal and holiday-themed designs for each month. Our line of seasonal Calendar Days are designed for built-in patterning practice. Each month features a different pattern. Includes 1 set each of seasonal Calendar Days: January—a snowflake, a snowman, and an evergreen tree (ABC pattern), February—three colors of Valentine hearts (AABBCC pattern), March—a kite, a shamrock, and a rainbow (ABBC pattern), April—an umbrella, a raindrop, and a rain boot (AABCC pattern), May—a tulip, a ladybug on a leaf, and a daisy flower (ABAC pattern), June—a sand castle, a sailboat, and a beach ball (ABABC pattern), July—a sun, a watermelon slice, and an ice-cream cone (ABCABAB pattern), August—a pencil and a spiral notebook (AB pattern), September—a green apple and a red apple with a worm (AABB pattern), October—a pumpkin and a candy corn (AAB pattern), November—an orange leaf and a green leaf (ABB pattern), December—a hat and a mitten (ABAAB pattern). Each pack of Calendar Days contains: Numbered days, a 24/31 or 23/30 combined number card (as needed), a birthday cupcake card, a star card, and one or more blank cards for highlighting special events, holidays, and birthdays. Size: 2 3/4" x 2 3/4"