Cup of Caterpillars

by CDI - Insect Lore
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Watch caterpillars change into butterflies before your very eyes!Insect Lore‰۪s Cup of Caterpillars includes 5 caterpillars and all of the nutritious food they need to develop into beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies.Please note: This product is a REFILL and includes a clear cup with caterpillars and food ONLY. Be sure to provide a habitat in which to hatch your butterflies. When you select the cup of Catepillars, åÊyou will save valuable time. In a few short days (depending on your chosen delivery method), your children or students will experience the excitement of raising their very own butterflies.Insect Lore guarantees that 3 of the 5 caterpillars will become healthy adult butterflies.The Cup of Caterpillars includes FREE SHIPPING to your door for your caterpillars!