Shooting Stars

by Smart Toys And Games, Inc
SmartGames Shooting Stars is an engaging puzzle game for kids and adults! Can you set up the blocks so the stars display the right colors? Play Shooting Stars by arranging the puzzle pieces (3D blocks) so that the shape of the structure and the color of the stars matches what is shown in the challenge booklet. But watch out! The colors of the stars change based on the position of the blocks. SmartGames Shooting Stars is a great and fun tool to improve visual perception, planning, and problem-solving skills for kids – and adults can sharpen their skills as well. You'll love being challenged in a fun new way while playing with the "magic" blocks. You can also try the SmartGames Customer App, a new tool that is unique to SmartGames. It's completely free of charge and has all kinds of features that are designed to enhance the experience of people who purchase physical SmartGames' educational toys. SmartGames Shooting Stars is a perfect puzzle game for ages 7+. Even though this puzzle was designed to be a single-player game, you can turn it into a family affair and take turns. Kids love these brain games because they're fun, yet the challenges help them utilize key cognitive skills. And seeing who can solve challenges the fastest results in some interesting game nights! All of our games have a unique and innovative game mechanic with themes that appeal to both boys and girls. We produce bestselling games that are found in more than 80 countries around the world. SmartGames are designed for all ages, from kids as young as 2 years old right up through the smartest adults. We offer a robust preschool line as well as several categories of games that are compact, portable, and perfect for travel. Our board games for families come in travel, compact, and tabletop editions in plastic or a premium wood range. Our SmartGames have won over 70 awards worldwide!

Key Features :

A skill-building game featuring 3D pieces and color-shifting stars for ages 7+Includes 80 challenges, from easy to expertHelps develop spatial insight, planning, problem solving and concentration skillsAll SmartGames are made with the highest quality materials to ensure long product lifePuzzle Includes: 4 3D blocks of different shapes and dimensions with color-shifting stars inside