Pizza Time™ Three Corner™ Card Game

by Trend
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Everybody loves Pizza Time! Cook up a plan to create pizzas faster than other players in this card game that's rounds of FUN until the very last slice. Escape pizzeria pitfalls to make the most pies and earn top prize. Draw cards to find the missing piece, sneak a slice, or "Oh, Yuck!” get stuck with a totally gross topping! Think you have what it takes to top other players? Replace ingredients as you play to make your pizzas match the menu in a card game that's truly supreme. Bring a pizza party anywhere with this compact game that really delivers. It's great for child-friendly entertainment during travel, in waiting rooms, at sleepovers, to grandparents' houses, and camps too. Minimal room required: Play area fits on RV and coffee tables, airplane seat trays, and more. 63 game cards, plus full-color instructions. 2 to 4 players, ages 4 to adult. Deliver lots of fresh-baked FUN with 15-minute games. Made in USA.