Center Of The Universe Too

by Anchor
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In the anticipated sequel to Bill JohnsonÕs first compilation of humorous stories and insightful experiences, Center of the Universe Too shares the heart of a pastor who loves God, enjoys life, and will have you doing the same.You are treated to 85 treasures in short story form. From late-night encounters in GodÕs electric presence and exploding briefcases to stewarding the remote control mantle and a powerful prophetic word continuing to be fulfilled, these unique stories seamlessly blend the extraordinary and common.A leading voice in the global church, pastor Bill warmly invites you to journey alongside him, introducing the Charismatic mafia of the 1987 conference circuit, rabbit hunting, sweater shopping, (painless) ice cream feasting, zealous sleeping, big-brained cousins, and an attack goose.Get ready to think, laugh, and believe for the impossible in a place where the everyday and supernatural collideÑthe Center of the Universe.