LIFEPAC Seventh Grade History & Geography Set

by AOP
SKU: HIS0715

LIFEPAC 7th Grade History & Geography provides an in-depth study of anthropology, the record of mankind. Students will learn the significance of written history, sociology, and documentation methods. Easy-to-understand lessons cover: What Is History?, What Is Geography?, Anthropology, Sociology, and U.S. Anthropology. Integrated with mastery-learning techniques, student's will also grasp topics about markets, political thinkers, government structure, state financing, and social groups. Each lesson contains section objectives, vocabulary words, question and answer sections, and tests. The LIFEPAC 7th Grade History & Geography Set contains ten separate worktexts and a teacherÕs guide that may be purchased individually.Need a payment plan? Call us at 1-800-634-4298!