Horizon Phonics and Reading 2 Complete Set

by AOP

Time to read a story! Build your studentÕs reading skills with fun workbook lessons and entertaining activities from Horizons 2nd Grade Phonics and Reading. This rewarding course will develop your studentÕs mastery of letters and phonics concepts through picture association and alphabet stories. Creative lessons include: syllables, consonant blending, vowel diphthongs, silent letters, and possessives. Brilliantly illustrated, this complete 160-lesson course approaches reading concepts in multiple ways to help emphasize material. The popular, easy-to-teach Horizons 2nd Grade Phonics and Reading Set includes: two student books, two illustrated student readers, and a teacherÕs guide. These materials may be purchased individually. The beneficial teacherÕs guide includes: a daily lesson planner, duplication masters, answer keys, teaching tips, and additional worksheets.