David And Goliath And Joseph In Egypt 2-Pack

by CDI-Nest
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David and GoliathOne of the most famous stories in the Bible comes to life in this incredible tale of courage, faith and daring. David, a young shepherd boy who likes poetry and music, seems an unlikely candidate to save his nation from ruin. But when nine-foot Goliath defies Israel and blasphemes God, young David leaps into action, earning his place as one of the greatest heroes in the Bible. This dramatic story will transport you to the battlefield as you watch God at work through a humble boy. Joseph in EgyptJoseph, a young Hebrew boy, is sold into slavery by his jealous brothers and taken to the land of Egypt. He does not forget the lessons about God that his father Jacob taught him. When cast into prison for a crime he did not commit, Joseph interprets the dreams of his companions and earns the respect of all he meets. Joseph is called upon to interpret Pharaoh‰۪s dreams and is granted a position of power in Pharaoh‰۪s court.Bonus Offer - Free Instant Download of the Interactive Activity and Coloring books with purchase of DVD 2-pack.Save money by purchasing this 2 pack today!